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Privacy, Confidentiality and Advocacy

Privacy, Confidentiality & Advocacy

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Privacy, Confidentiality and Advocacy

Synapse (the Brain Injury Association of Queensland Inc.) subscribes to the National Privacy Principles and Information Privacy Principles as outlined in the Commonwealth Amended Privacy Act of 2014. The Association will not keep any personal information without your permission. We will not disclose information to other parties without your permission. Should you give permission for us to keep or to disclose your personal information, you may withdraw that permission at any time.

The Association maintains a database of general information such as what you request information on and what geographical region you live in. This information is used to improve our services and can not be used to identify you.

Synapse (the Brain Injury Association of Queensland Inc.) treats all personal information as private and confidential. No information will be provided to external or internal services, or entered on our database, unless you provide explicit consent to do so.

A copy of the Association's policies and procedures is available upon request via the Contact Us page or the Enquiry Form.



An advocate may speak to Synapse (the Brain Injury Association of Queensland Inc.) on your behalf. The Association may require written proof that the advocate is acting on your behalf. If you need assistance to find an advocate, phone Synapse (+61 7 3137 7400) or contact the Disability Services Queensland information service on ph: 1800 177 120.


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