NDIS Plan Review

Is yours just around the corner? Let us help you to prepare.

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Make the NDIS work for you and your loved one

Get ready for your NDIS Plan Review meeting so you continue to make the most out of your NDIS package.

As a participant or carer of someone with disability you want the best possible outcome for your loved one from their NDIS Plan.

Is your NDIS Plan Review meeting coming up soon? This review is important as it is where the NDIA will review your plan to determine what can be included for the next 12-months. It is essential that you are well prepared.

Our NDIS Plan Review Guide makes it as simple as possible for you to prepare. In the form of a printable booklet, the Guide will help you summarise your situation for the past year and be prepared to discuss what is most important for you for the coming year.

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How do I get the support that's most important to me?

The NDIS provides supports to assist people to live well, through building and maintaining independence and participation in community, work and social activities.

There must be evidence that funded supports are likely to be effective and beneficial and represent a cost effective option to meet your needs.

Make sure you have the evidence ready for your Review and give yourself the best chance of getting the support and services you need.

download the guide

Get ready for your NDIS plan review

As you approach your next NDIS plan review, a planner will be in touch to schedule a plan review meeting. It is important to be well-prepared for your planning meeting as this is where you set your goals and needs for the next year.  So you can get the most out of your meeting, Synapse has developed a helpful NDIS Plan Review Guide.  This guide also has a checklist of the supporting information you'll need to bring with you such as Allied Health Reports or your current plan.

Your goals: things to consider for your next plan

What are the things that are most important to you? Consider including these as priorities in your first and second goal.

What would you like to change?  Perhaps you want to consider changing the way you use your funding in your next plan.

What would you like support with to increase your independence or build your capacity?

Do you need help to implement your NDIS Plan? If so, consider the need for support coordination as a goal.

Are there any new activities that you would like to try?

Download the guide

About our Synapse NDIS services

Synapse has a range of services that can inform and support you throughout your NDIS journey. We're pleased to be able to support you with planning, service coordination and financial management to suit your individual circumstances.

NDIS Pre-planning

Get the best possible outcome from your NDIS planning.

Synapse guides you through your preparation, so you will be ready to develop your plan when the NDIS starts in your area.  (Haven't moved to the NDIS yet?  Click here for more info).

Support Coordination

Remove the stress but keep control.

Once you have your plan in place, we can connect you with the services you need and manage the coordination on your behalf if you need the help.  We can also help you with Plan Review preparation.

Financial Plan Management

Confidence that finances are professionally managed.

Synapse can coordinate your NDIS plan finances for you. We can manage your budget, receive invoices, and make payments for the services you have received.

Download your NDIS Plan Review Guide here

This guide is free of charge or obligation and is designed to assist NDIS participants or carers to prepare for their 12 month plan review.