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    It's a wrap!

    Thank you to everyone who got involved with the campaign this year. You helped us spread the Brain Injury awareness message further than ever before.


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Synapse email updates

Synapse email updates


BANGONABEANIE returns for an event with the Brain Injury Association of Tasmania




Our wonderful partners, the Brain Injury Association of Tasmania, will be raising awareness through BANGONABEANIE at the 2017 Race to the Taste in Hobart.


To find out more about the Brain Injury Association of Tasmania, please click the links above.




BANGONABEANIE is wrapping up, but the fight for awareness continues into 2016

After 5 years of campaigning to improve awareness of Brain Injury throughout Australia, and indeed internationally, it has been decided that our annual BANGONABEANIE campaign will not be continuing into 2016.


Whilst BANGONABEANIE has been incredibly successful, its management and promotion has taken a huge effort on our part as the lead organisation. As much as we have enjoyed the spirit in which our partners and the broader community have supported the campaign, we simply cannot attribute the resources required to do BANGONABEANIE justice in the future.  You can read more about this decision on our blog. 


Thank you to all our supporters 

We would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has supported the campaign over the years. Because of your passion, drive and commitment, we have been able to shine a light on Brain Injury and start vital conversations about how to create a more inclusive society for every person living with a disability.


To everyone who bought a beanie, hosted an event, or got their workplace involved, thank you! 


Awareness doesn't end here 

Of course, raising awareness is a year round activity and even though we aren't running BANGONABEANIE again in 2016, we will continue working to transform this 'Invisible Disability' into a very visible one. But we still need your help! You can make a difference by hosting an event, making a donation, or fundraising. Simply visit the Get Involved section of our website to find out how. And remember to keep the conversation going by connecting with us on social media.



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