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In 2011 Synapse, in association with Brain Injury Associations across Australia, began work on transforming an "Invisible Disability" into a very visible one. Each year our campaign grew to include more partners, exposure in different countries, and most importantly, more families reconnected.


The BANGONABEANIE Campaign asked people to buy and proudly wear our trademark blue beanie to support National Brain Injury Awareness Week.


Events were run across the nation throughout the campaign, including BangOnABarbie, which encouraged Organisations or families to hold a BBQ to raise funds and support for Brain Injury.

Yes BANGONABEANIE was fun, but it was also one of the best ways we knew to provide a life of quality for people with Brain Injury. 


Rationale behind the campaign

  • Community awareness of Brain Injury is poor
  • A large number of people are living with Brain Injury - more than what is currently being reported 
  • Brain Injury is presently invisible to too many people 
  • There are not enough services to meet current need.


Key messages to get stuck in people's heads

To avoid the stigma and being thrown into the 'too-hard basket' it was vital we kept the beanie concept fun! That way we could keep the topic of brain injury out in the open.

  • BANGONABEANIE for Brain Injury Awareness Week
  • Brain Injury is common - over 1 in 12 Australians are affected.
  • Brain Injury is an "Invisible Disability" - there are often no visible signs someone has ongoing issues.
  • We all know someone affected by Brain Injury... the good news is, you can do something about it. 



The objectives of the BANGONABEANIE campaign:

  1. Increase education, awareness and media coverage of Brain Injury (and related Organisations) in Australia and across the world.
  2. Raise funds to provide support and assistance to individuals and families in crisis.
  3. Support community engagement and capacity building


Where did the money go?

BANGONABEANIE supported one of the largest and most disadvantaged disability groups in Australia, and that's not counting their family, friends and support networks. 


All money raised through BANGONABEANIE went towards providing appropriate accommodation services to help improve the quality of life for those living with Brain Injury, and to develop national educational resources for families and the broader community.  



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