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Brokerage Program

The NSW Department of Family and Community Services - Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) has provided funds to Synapse for a Brokerage Program in NSW.


As this is a NSW state government funded initiative, Synapse's Brokerage Program is only available to NSW residents.


The Brokerage Program enables people affected by Brain Injuries, to access a limited amount of money for goods and/or services that will help them reach a specific goal.


The money is made available to assist a person with a brain injury in achieving a specified goal that will improve their quality of life, develop their skills and/or build their capacity to live more independently.


The maximum Brokerage Program package is $2,500 (plus GST). In exceptional circumstances funds requested may exceed that amount.


The Brokerage Program funds are limited, so funding packages are only intended for a short term service or a one-off purchase that will help achieve or partially achieve a goal.


Brokerage funds cannot be allocated to goods or services that have been previously purchased.


Synapse's Brokerage Program Panel considers applications every 6 weeks throughout the year. Approximately $25,000 of worth of funding packages will be allocated each quarter.


The Brokerage Program works in conjunction with all other Synapse Options services, such as our Information and Referral Service. If you are unclear about any of the programs or services available in NSW, we recommend that you contact the Information and Referral service to discuss possible avenues of support, prior to lodging a Brokerage Program application.


Who can apply for a Brokerage Program Package?


  • If you are a person with a Brain Injury, you may apply on your own behalf.
  • If you are a service provider to a person with a Brain Injury, then you can apply on behalf of that person
  • If you are a carer, family member or individual supporting a person with a Brain Injury, you may also apply on behalf of that person


How do I apply for a Brokerage Program Package?


  • Use the Synapse NSW Brokerage Program Application Form
  • Provide as much detail as necessary on the goods or service you are requesting the Brokerage Program package to cover
  • Supply supporting evidence of having a Brain Injury
  • Provide evidence of current income
  • Demonstrate a clear need for a Brokerage Program package by clearly show other areas of potential funding you have considered such as NDIS or personal loans and why you are unable to access this funding
  • Provide two quotes for the item or service you wish to apply for
  • Clearly outline the goal you wish to achieve
  • Post your completed applications to us (more details are on Brokerage Program Application Form)


The next Brokerage panel meeting is on 13 December 2017 and applications need to be received for review by 8 December 2017.


Meetings are 6 weeks apart.



If you need any support or assistance with the application process, please contact our Information and Referral service on 1800 673 074.


For more information please refer to the Synapse NSW Brokerage Program Guidelines. Application forms can be found here.



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