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Alcohol and Drug Fuelled Violence

About - Alcohol (Drug) Fueled Violence

Alcohol and Drug Fuelled Violence

Alcohol and drugs are a major contributing factor to assault. There is strong evidence of a link between heavy alcohol use and violence, particularly in younger people. This association is thought to be due to a number of factors. One is the direct pharmacological effects of alcohol, particularly decreased inhibition and impulse control.


Other factors involved in the association between alcohol and violence are related to a person's temperament, risk taking behaviours, the social environment, culture and expectations of alcohol's effect. Preventative measures should be taken to reduce the incidence of alcohol related violence.


  • If you are prone to violence when drinking alcohol, consider total abstinence or maintaining your blood alcohol level under the limit.
  • Avoid crowded, overheated bars.
  • Drink only with trusted friends.

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