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Brain Injury Awareness Week 2019

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Brain Injury Awareness Week 2019

Brain Injury Awareness Week 2019 occurs from Monday to Sunday, August 19 to 25, and is a great opportunity to raise awareness about the causes, symptoms and impacts of brain injury.


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 700,000 Australians have a brain injury. Three in every four of these people are aged 65 or under and as many as two out of every three people acquired their brain injury before the age of 25.  


Synapse will commemorate Brain Injury Awareness Week by providing information and holding events across Australia. 


During Brain Injury Awareness Week you can help raise awareness, whether it's by sharing information online, talking to friends about brain injury, donating to Synapse or  holding a fundraising event



Brain Injury Awareness Week Events


Reflections on Brain Injury: The Invisible Disability


Brain injury is often called the "Invisible Disability" because there may be no external or physical signs that any permanent injury has been sustained. Education and awareness are vital for the equal treatment of everyone in the community.


Just as importantly, people who experience the invisibility of brain injury need the opportunity to reflect on this, meet other people and gather their own community around them.


We hope you will join us to reflect and connect during Brain Injury Awareness Week.


Synapse Office - Level 6, 35 Smith St Parramatta

10.30am to 12.30pm on Friday 23rd August 2019

RSVP to Lauren on 1800 673 074 or


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