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Synapse Carers - Support & Information Sessions

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Resilience: ways to increase resilience in families as they meet the challenge of adjusting to and supporting a relative with traumatic injury.


We will be joined by Grahame Simpson, a Social Work Clinical Specialist from Liverpool Brain Injury Rehabilitation Unit and Director of the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Research Group. Grahame was instrumental in the development of a research program into the ways family members are impacted by traumatic injury (brain injury and spinal cord injury) and how family members can improve their resilience.


Grahame will share his wisdom with us from the group at Parramatta and it will be live streamed to our hubs in Port Macquarie, Gosford and Dubbo as well as to anyone interested in watching from home.


To watch the live stream of the session online click this link or copy and paste the URL into your browser:



Please RSVP to attend the group events in: Parramatta, Gosford or Port Macquarie at 10.30-12.30 on Thursday 8th August.


RSVP to Lauren Bannerman:

t. 1800 673 074  


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