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Privacy, Confidentiality and Advocacy

Privacy, Confidentiality & Advocacy

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Privacy, Confidentiality and Advocacy

Synapse Australia Limited is committed to protecting and upholding the rights of its clients to privacy in the way it collects, stores and uses information about them, their needs and the services provided to them.

Synapse Australia Limited will ensure employees sign an employment contract binding them to adhere to company policy and procedures.


The employee will not, whether during or after the employment, make any improper use of:

(i)                      information;

(ii)                    the position of the employer on any confidential matter;

(iii)                   confidential information; or

(iv)                   any other information whatsoever which may be detrimental to the interests of the employer or any other person who has provided it to the employer on a confidential basis, unless the employee is required to disclose the Information by law. 


Employees will not share confidences revealed by clients without their consent except when compelling moral or ethical reasons exist.


Employees will inform clients fully about the limits of confidentiality in any given situation, the purposes for which information is obtained and how it may be used. 


To provide an effective and high quality service, to maintain appropriate accountability and to satisfy obligations under funding contracts, Synapse Australia Limited must collect, store and sometimes share relevant personal information. Synapse will be consistent and careful in the way it manages what is written and said about an individual and how decisions are made about who can hear or see this information. 


A copy of the Association's policies and procedures is available upon request via the Contact Us page or the Enquiry Form.



An advocate may speak to Synapse on your behalf. Synapse may require written proof that the advocate is acting on your behalf. If you need assistance to find an advocate, phone Synapse (+61 7 3137 7400) or contact the Disability Services Queensland information service on ph: 1800 177 120.


Please see Advocacy Services below that best suit's you. 


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