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Choir comes knocking


Choir comes knocking

KIM was eight years old when a bookcase fell on her head, leaving her with an acquired brain injury and myriad struggles.


Five years ago she joined the Choir of Hope and Inspiration - formerly the Choir of Hard Knocks - fell in love with a fellow member, got engaged and dropped from 200kg to 75kg.


It's another amazing tale of inspiration to come from the motley crew of homeless and disadvantaged who stole the nation's hearts and sympathies in the award-winning 2007 ABC series Choir of Hard Knocks.


Six years later, the sequel Beyond Hard Knocks will be launched and screen at the inaugural Melbourne International Singers Festival this weekend.


"Everywhere I go people still ask me how's the choir? Where's Clarko?

What's Simon doing?" said choir founder and director Jonathan Welch.


"Personally in their own lives they have made such amazing strides."


The ABC declined to be involved in the follow-up, so Welch produced it himself.


Clarko, the gentle giant who used to stand at the back smoking while everyone sang their hearts ou, is "the star" of the new doco, said Welch.


"He's quite tormented by the fact he has never found his father, and I'm trying to help him find his father," Welch said.


Others may remember the painfully skinny Simon who suffered from severe paranoid schizophrenia.


"Simon has been released from the medical health registry, he's very well, he doesn't shake anymore and he's put on 30 kg. He's releasing his second book of poetry," Welch said.




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The original article was produced by The Herald Sun website.

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