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David Elder bouncing back from brain injury


David Elder bouncing back from brain injury

A farmer left with a brain injury after a quad bike accident attributes his recovery to rehabilitation and community work.

David Elder has no memory of his near-fatal fall from the bike on his Bethanga property in April.

"I just remember waking up in hospital with seven fractures and a brain injury," he said.

"I spent two months in a hospital bed in Melbourne.

"I remember thinking just how happy I was to come back home."

In between rehabilitation at Albury's Tarkarri House, a brain injury rehabilitation centre, he has still found time to honour his commitment as vice-president of the Bethanga Action Group.

The group has organised a community car boot sale from 9am on Sunday at the Bethanga Recreation Reserve, with proceeds from site fees going to the Bethanga Recreation Reserve and 16 community groups.

The Bethanga CFA will take part in demonstrations on the day, and it will be selling fire blankets, extinguishers and offering giveaways.

"I have found that focusing on things like this sale has helped with my short-term memory," Mr Elder said.

"When I first came home my short-term memory was really bad.

"The rehab has helped a lot.

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This article was originally produced by The Border Mail.  


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