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Father-of-four dies after 'king hit'


Father-of-four dies after 'king hit'

A father-of-four lay dying in a street from an alleged king hit just hours after a family dinner on the NSW mid-north coast at the weekend.

Yesterday the man's wife made the painful decision to switch off his life support system.


Scott Snodgrass, 34, had enjoyed a restaurant dinner with his wife Roisin Maitland and their four children on Friday night.


The photograph above was taken with Mr Snodgrass's eldest daughter, nine-year-old Eve, during the meal, the Daily Telegraph reports.


A special family weekend lay ahead - the couple's youngest child, two-year-old Archie, was to be christened on Sunday


The family went home afterwards but Mr Snodgrass decided to stay on for a few more drinks.


While making his way home in the early hours of Saturday, the young dad became involved in an altercation with a 20-year-old man near a taxi rank on the Pacific Highway.


He was allegedly king hit, suffering serious head injuries, and never regained consciousness.


"He was just a great dad, the kind every kid wants," Ms Maitland was quoted as saying.


"He would do anything for us and whenever we needed him he would be there straight away."


Detectives spoke with the younger man involved in the altercation but he was released without charge.


Police said they "want to get a clear picture of what has occurred before we consider charges".

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