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UN urges Aust to improve on disabilities


UN urges Aust to improve on disabilities

Despite the continuing rollout of the landmark National Disability Insurance Scheme, the United Nations says Australia is still failing to meet its obligations to people with disabilities.

The UN has assessed whether Australia is meeting its international obligations under the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Convention.

The UN's first report commended Australia for introducing the national scheme of self-directed disability support.

However, the UN also identified areas in need of improvement, including strengthening anti-discrimination laws and extra legal help for people with mental illnesses.

It recommended repealing laws that authorise medical interventions without free and informed consent of people with disabilities.

Extra efforts were needed to help indigenous Australians who suffer disabilities, the report said.

In May, the former Labor government introduced a new close the gap target for indigenous people aimed at increasing access to disability services ahead of the NDIS national roll out.

The report said the UN was concerned about reports of high rates of violence against women and girls living in institutions.

It also said Australian sign language should be recognised as a national language.

Australia ratified the convention in 2008.

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