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Walan Giiny exhibition


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Walan Giiny exhibition

On Saturday 7th November the State Library of Queensland launched the Walan Giiny (strong heart) exhibition. The exhibition is part of the kuril dhagun community exhibition program and came about thanks to a successful application from Synapse's  Murri D.A.N. Manager Paul Calcott. 


Walan Giiny (strong heart), is a multi-media display by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists living with a disability featuring works by the Nandjimadji art group.

The word Nandjimadji comes from the Gubbi Gubbi language. Nandjimadji means to lighten the load or make something less heavy. The artists have lived an experience and come together to paint canvases and everyday objects, creating works of art that tell their story of strength.

There is no comparable word for disability in traditional Aboriginal language and the concept of disability is still a relatively new conversation in many communities. In the past, a person with a disability was often just seen as someone who did things differently, required a hand with certain tasks, or needed to be looked out for.

Walan Giiny (which means strong heart in the Wiragjuri language) provides the opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait islanders living with disability in Queensland to share their story of strength and spirituality, as well as their connection to culture via both traditional and contemporary forms of Indigenous art.

The exhibition looks at the bridging of one of the oldest living cultures with modern day concepts of disability. It showcases the participation and contributions that Aboriginal Australians with disability make in building the capacity of their communities.


The exhibition is free and runs from 7 November 2015 until 21 Februrary 2016. 


Walan Giiny 1


Walan Giiny


Walan Giiny 2


Walan Giiny 3

References and further information

The Walan Giiny exhibition is on until the 21st February, 2016.  


kuril dhagun, Level 1

State Library of Queensland

Cultural Precinct, South Bank

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