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Youth Justice Conferencing Support

Youth Justice Conferencing is a response to youth offending that aims to educate offenders and reduce crime - notably offences of violence against other young people that can cause a brain injury or other disability.


Conferencing brings together the young offender, their family, the victim (if they wish to attend), and the arresting police officer to discuss the matter in a respectful environment. The aim of the Youth Justice Conference is for all affected parties to talk about the offence and come up with an agreement about how the offending young person can begin to repair the harm caused.


Synapse's Community Response Team is involved in conferences in Queensland as a Community Representative. It is our role to explain to the group how an act of violence, excess alcohol/drug consumption, or 'joyriding' (common offences in young people) could cause a Brain Injury - and what that could mean for the injured individual. Conferences are about discussing possible consequences outcomes if the individual decides to re-offend.


It's about bringing the general information about Brain Injury to the level where the youths can identify with what's going on. It's one thing to say 'one punch can kill', especially when we all feel that we're invincible, but it's very sobering to see the realistic outcomes for someone with a Brain Injury. These include social difficulties, physical difficulties and many other difficulties that reduce independence - one of the main things young people strive for.


Synapse believes that young people given this chance, and educated about the natural consequences (rather than being threatened by the justice system) of their behaviour, are less likely to offend in the future.


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