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Synapse Reconnections

Synapse Reconnections offers the opportunity to create personal networks between individuals with brain injury/brain disorders, as well as their family members or people within their support networks.


The program provides people with an ongoing opportunity to share their experiences with a peer, or someone else who can understand and relate to the challenges that arise associated with brain injury/brain disorders.


Synapse carefully establishes the connections by aligning individuals according to  personal interests, gender, age, relationship status, among other factors. But most importantly, we try to match people based on their circumstances and life experiences when it comes to brain injury.


Participants in the program can communicate via phone, email or letter/mail. The frequency of contact is agreed upon by all participants to suit their availability and needs.


Synapse provides the facilitation of the connections by communicating with both participants and providing any additional support they may need.

Synapse establishes the first contact between participants, as well as providing ongoing support and guidance as needed.


A new way to connect...


As part of the reconnections program, we have launched a new facebook group, only for people with brain injury. It is a safe space to connect with one another, share, learn, socialise, and discuss anything really.


If you would like to join the group, connect with us today at, or on 1800 673 074. Joining is simple, we'll reply with an email of the group guidelines and then send a link to the group



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