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Support Services

Support Services Coordination

Support Services Coordination

Support Services Coordination

Synapse's NSW office operates a Support Services Coordination Program. This program is designed to assist NSW residents living with Brain Disorders (including brain injury) to access services and supports to meet their individual needs.


The program can assist you with finding the right service providers to meet your formal support needs, help you to maximise your informal supports, guide you to overcome barriers in your life and make meaningful connections in your local community.


The Support Services Coordination Program can also help with:


  • sourcing information
  • accessing services/support
  • finding local service providers
  • support in decision making regarding service providers
  • assisting establishing appropriate service providers to deliver supports defined in individual NDIS plans
  • monitoring new support arrangements
  • looking for housing
  • setting up a Neuropsychological assessment
  • connecting with peer support groups
  • connecting with capacity building supports tailored for people affected by a neurocognitive disability, including brain injury


Synapse are now offering this program in the following ways;


  1. To NSW residents who are not eligible for the NDIS and meet the access criteria for the program (contact us to find out more)
  2. To NSW residents who are eligible for the NDIS but the NDIS has not yet started in their area where they meet the criteria for the program (contact us to find out more)
  3. To NSW residents who have Support Services Coordination included on their NDIS Plan


What does Support Services Coordination under the NDIS involve?


It involves us helping you to understand what supports are funded in your NDIS Plan, then working with you to connect with and coordinate your supports.


Our staff can work with you to understand the funding in your individual NDIS plan. We can explain the different NDIS funding components in real terms.


We can then work with you to research support options for each funding item.


Then we can help you work out who you want to deliver your supports and help set up those relationships.


We can help you develop a budget for how to spend your NDIS funding so that it lasts for the life of the plan.


We can also help you plan for the ongoing management of your NDIS funds.


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