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Research and Development

Research and Development

Research and Development

With decades of experience behind us, we understand why Brain Disorders have been labelled the "Invisible Disability". The lack of services available match the lack of evidence to support them, so we have created our own Research and Development projects to measure the true cost on the community and the economy.


We need a strong evidence base to reduce the number of people with complex disabilities being admitted to inappropriate accommodation because of misunderstood behaviours.

Synapse is committed to putting a face to every statistic - our goal is to identify how many people are truly affected in view of developing services to reconnect them. Through an understanding of the families we support, we can contribute to evidence-based policy, influence Government decision, and improve the quality of life for the over 2 million Australians affected by Brain Disorders.


The Synapse Research and Development team:

  • Contributes to the development of evidence based policy and services that support Synapse clients to achieve improved long term personal outcomes
  • Undertakes neurocognitive disability research in Indigenous Australian populations
  • Contributes to the development of evidence based policies and services in the government and community sectors
  • Seeks active partnerships with a wide range of organisations, including universities.


Our core business is to promote and support Synapse to be a lead, cutting edge, neurocognitive disability agency.


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