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Want to be Pave Brave?

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Want to be Pave Brave?

GOAL 1: Complete AS MANY KILOMETRES of running or walking in the 100 Days from MAY 16 to AUGUST 23


GOAL 2: Be BRAVE - Run or Walk 10km and donate $10 to SYNAPSE


GOAL 3: PAVE - Run or Walk 10km with someone else. This new BRAVE person donates $10 to SYNAPSE then has to PAVE by finding someone else to Run or Walk with and so on.



Want to Belt- Up & Be Pave Brave? 


GOLD BELT= Brave 1000km & Pave 10 others (or Donate $100)
SILVER BELT = Brave 750km & Pave 7 others (or Donate $75)
BRONZE BELT = Brave 500km & Pave 5 others (or Donate $50)
GREEN BELT = Brave 250km & Pave 3 others (or Donate $25)


A PAVE BRAVE log book will be available to anyone interested in belting up for this great cause.


For more information contact David via


News and Updates will be available on the PAVE BRAVE Facebook page.


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