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Sandy "Unplugged"

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Sandy "Unplugged"

The 17th of February 2009 is now a date I will never forget.

The day I fell down the stairs in my house at 2am was the start of one of the toughest journeys of my life. The only thing I remember of the ngith of my fall was the noise of the electric shaver as the nurse shaved my head.

In preparation for what turned out to be the first of seven brain surgeries, it sounded like I was getting a number '1' but the shaver kept on getting stuck in my long hair.

I am a very determined person, the fact that I am goal orientated did help, my "I want everything yesterday" attitude didn't. SPEED is not Brain Injury Rehab's middle name. STAMINA is. If I had a dollar for every time I did my required exercises...well I wouldn't need salary continuance insurance today. I always knew no matter how hard it got I had to keep at it.




This image was taken by Lynette Letic as part of a university photography project.  You can view all of Lynette's portraits and accompanying stories in Bridge - Maximising Recovery (2013) or visit her website here.


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