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The Publication Archive contains copies of all of our publications to date. Please click on the links below to find out more about these publications, and how they may assist you.


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We also have a large range of Fact SheetsPosters and Personal Stories based on many different categories and issues. 


Synapse Carers Event: Making Mindfulness happen

11 April 2019


022 - Bridge Magazine - Stroke edition (2017)

30 March 2017

We are delighted to present this new format Bridge magazine for March 2017. In this issue we focus on the effects of stroke, and include a number of personal stories, research and...

Acquired brain injury: The facts

22 December 2016

Completely revised, re-written and updated in December 2016.


Acquired brain injury: The facts is a practical guide to understanding and responding to brain injury and behaviours that challenge our understanding. This publication not only provides practical tips for people with brain injury and/or behaviours that challenge our understanding, but also family members.

021 - Bridge Magazine - Indigenous issues (2016)

20 October 2016

Indigenous Australians experience more than twice the rates of disability than other Australians. After taking into account age differences between Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations,...

020 - Bridge Magazine - Mental Health (2016)

22 February 2016

Similar to Brain Disorders, mental health disorders are also an "Invisible Disability", as there are often no physical signs that someone may have ongoing issues. Since a Brain...

019 - Bridge Magazine - Creating Connections (2015)

01 June 2015

A brain disorder can significantly impact on an individual's sense of connection and inclusion. This edition of Bridge explores ways to reconnect with family and community.  Featured...


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