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The Publication Archive contains copies of all of our publications to date. Please click on the links below to find out more about these publications, and how they may assist you.


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We also have a large range of Fact SheetsPosters and Personal Stories based on many different categories and issues. 


018 - Bridge Magazine - Understanding Communication (2015)

24 March 2015

A brain disorder can impact on communication abilities in many ways. In this edition of Bridge we look at some of the common issues with communication, as well as practical strategies to...

017 - Bridge Magazine - The Unmentionables (2014)

01 December 2014

Some of the hardest things to talk about are often the most important. No matter how open a community or family relationship is, there are always those taboo topics that are a little more...

016 - Bridge Magazine - Healthier You (2014)

25 July 2014

Learning about ways to look after yourself may not just save you from injury, but it may also save your family from a lifetime of heartache. Featured Articles: Food for thought - Eat...

015 - Bridge Magazine - Your Rights, Your Choice (2014)

01 June 2014
With the National Disability Insurance Scheme fast approaching, this edition looks at your rights, your choice, advocacy and independence.

Bridge Magazine - Brain Disorders (2014)

01 March 2014
With over 1 in 12 Australians affected, this edition looks at the broad scope of Brain Disorders, their effects, and the different organisations providing support services.

Bridge Magazine - Social Violence (2013)

01 December 2013
What happens when one punch doesn't kill? Thousands of families each year are affected by permanent Brain Injury from social violence.

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