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020 - Bridge Magazine - Mental Health (2016)

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020 - Bridge Magazine - Mental Health (2016)

Similar to Brain Disorders, mental health disorders are also an "Invisible Disability", as there are often no physical signs that someone may have ongoing issues.

Since a Brain Disorder will make you more vulnerable to developing a mental health disorder, this edition is all the more important.

Featured Articles:

  • A serious case of the blues?

  • A journey toward pride

  • Behind the exterior 

  • Life choices & consequences 

About Bridge Magazine:
Bridge is the twice yearly magazine produced by Synapse, who are dedicated to improving the quality of life of people living with and affected by Brain Disorders. Published nationally, internationally, and online, it features practical strategies, current news and research, and personal stories. We welcome contributions and news items, especially from academics, community groups, organisations or those who have personal experience.

Order Online:
You can order a hard copy of this magazine from Bridge Magazine - Mental Health (2016) via our Synapse Webstore.


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