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Acquired brain injury: The facts

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Acquired brain injury: The facts



ABI: The facts (Fifth edition)

Completely revised, re-written and updated in December 2016.


Acquired brain injury: The facts is a practical guide to understanding and responding to brain injury and behaviours that challenge our understanding. This publication not only provides practical tips for people with brain injury and/or behaviours that challenge our understanding, but also family members.


There are five main sections of this publication:


In the hospital
This section covers terms and situations during the hospital stay, treatment and diagnosis. It also looks at recovery predictions and ambiguity, diagnostic tests and degrees of recovery.


Rehabilitation and recovery
This section contains tips to maximise the amount of recovery. From rehabilitation and post-rehab turbulence to managing your funds and resources, continuing rehabilitation after hospital and keeping healthy.


Effects of acquired brain injury
A brain injury is potentially one of the most devastating disabilities due to its wide range of effects, cognitively, physically, emotionally and mental health wise. This section explains what difficulties and impairments may follow an Acquired Brain Injury.


Information for families and carers
The impact of a brain injury has a ripple effect that goes far beyond just the person who has acquired the injury - it includes partners, friends, family, carers and work colleagues. This section also discusses challenging behaviours including drug and alcohol issues, sexual changes and regaining independence.


In the Long-Term

In here we look at potential future medical problems, accommodation options, returning to studies and work, advocacy.



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