Our mission

Synapse’s mission is to ensure the rights of people impacted by brain injury, connecting knowledge, policy, services, and systems. Synapse focuses on both government and public support to realise funding for the development of specialist services nationally.

Synapse’s commitment to reducing the massive unmet need for services and support in Australia is unwavering. The team at Synapse are resolute in seeing specialist and individualised services available to all in need, no matter where they live or which culture they belong to.

Our Mission, Vision and Values

When Alwyn Ricci founded Synapse (then Headway) thirty-five years ago, it was to make a genuine and practical difference to the lives of people impacted by brain injury and disability. This same passion and commitment continue to drive us forward today.

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Our Board and Leadership

The Synapse Leadership Team is responsible for providing strategic and operational management. The team has a diversity of specialist disability, health, research and corporate skills. Our Board members provide a broad range of experience in governance, finance, operations, disability, communications and health.

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Synapse History

Since our beginning as Headway Queensland, Synapse has grown to have national reach and become Australia’s Brain Injury Organisation.

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Australia's brain injury organisation


Synapse-Australia's Brain Injury Organisation, is expanding nationally, creating a remarkable opportunity for you to be at the forefront of change as a part of the Synapse team.

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Synapse partners with research institutions, organisations and government bodies to create change for those impacted by brain injury.

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Annual Reports

Synapse Annual Reports reflect on the progress made each year as we continue our work for people impacted by brain injury.

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