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Our Synapse Reconnections – Carers Facebook group is a supportive community of people providing care to someone with a brain injury.

To protect your safety and privacy, this is a closed group and is moderated by experienced Synapse staff.

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BrainBank Panel

Explore our peer connection panel, operated by and for people who have lived experience of brain injury.

This is your opportunity to talk to someone who is also a carer about life experiences.

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Support Groups

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To connect in person, in your local area with carers and family members supporting someone with a brain injury, take a look at Synapse’s support groups. Gather together with us in safe and suitable venues and share stories and the day-to-day challenges and victories with people who understand.

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Brain Injury Forum

Our online brain injury forum is a secure space to discuss your experiences with a supportive community of people caring for and working with brain injury. Our moderated online brain injury forum is a secure space to discuss your experiences and read about and connect with others going through similar journeys.

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Personal Stories

These stories and experiences provide an insight into life with a brain injury – the good, the bad and everything in between. Be reassured you’re not alone as you hear about the challenges and triumphs others have faced.

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Support For People with Brain Injury

Support For People with Brain Injury

Our peer support community offers people with a brain injury the opportunity to connect with others to socialise, share experiences and feel understood and supported.

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