BrainBank Panel

Operated by and for people who have lived experience of brain injury, this is your chance to connect directly with someone to simply talk about life experiences as you navigate your journey with brain injury.

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Support Groups

Our Reconnections support groups offer the opportunity to connect in person, in your local area with others living with brain injury.

Groups meet in safe and suitable venues to share stories, and day-to-day challenges and victories with people who understand.

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Brain Injury Forum

Our online brain injury forum is a secure space to discuss your experiences with a supportive community of people living and working with brain injury.

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1-to-1 Peer Support

If you’re looking for ongoing personal guidance and support, we can connect you with someone with a similar history and similar goals to you.

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Support for Carers & Families

Synapse Carers connects carers with information, resources and practical support needed continue the caring role while navigating the daily changes and challenges of life that can arise after someone close to you is impacted by brain injury.

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