Brain Injury Training

Synapse delivers unique training to help you, and your team, better understand the needs of people impacted by brain injuries.

Every brain injury is different and is distinct from intellectual disability and mental illness. Misunderstanding how a brain injury impacts someone’s life can result in inappropriate support – either in how the support is delivered or what the expected outcomes are.

Investing in training, either individually or as a team, will see you gain the knowledge and skills necessary to provide personalised support that aligns with the expected outcomes and unique requirements of each person’s brain injury.

Synapse is Australia’s voice of brain injury

We use our voice to create awareness, education, and support as well as advocate for people living with a brain injury. We know that the pathways for people living with a brain injury can amplify vulnerabilities as well as limit choices and self-determination. Our specialised training and education is unique in Australia as it’s informed by over 35 years’ experience working with people impacted by brain injuries.

Our training is delivered to suit your team and desired outcomes

Learning areas

Synapse is passionate about training teams to vastly improve opportunity and choice for individuals living with brain injuries.

Introduction to brain injuries

Gain a better understanding of the brain’s functions and how a brain injury is caused.

Impacts & effects of a brain injury

Understand how a brain injury can effect and impact someone’s life.

Supporting someone with a brain injury

Learn how to provide more appropriate services and support to people.

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