Brain Injury Training

We deliver unique, specialised training to help you and your team better understand the needs of people impacted by brain injury.

Brain injury is often misunderstood or confused with conditions such as intellectual disability or mental illness. This misunderstanding can result in the provision of unsuitable support and care to people impacted by brain injury – both the methods of delivery and the expectations established around outcomes. We believe that when proper training and education around brain injury is undertaken, the experiences of those involved in support and people with a brain injury are vastly improved.

Did You Know?

  • Around 1 in 45 people in Australia have a brain injury, with many more undiagnosed.*

  • 67% of people surveyed said they could not find providers that understand brain injury.**

  • 68% of providers surveyed agree that a lack of training limits them from providing quality brain injury services.**

Why Synapse?

Our specialised training and education is unique in Australia, informed by over 35 years experience working with people impacted by brain injury.

Learning Areas

Our foundational learning areas give organisations a sound understanding and awareness of Brain Injury. Enquire with us to discuss more advanced learning areas.

Introduction to Brain Injury

Gain a better understanding of the brain’s functions and how brain injury is caused.

Impacts & Effects of Brain Injury

Understand the many ways brain injury effects people and impacts their lives.

Supporting Someone with a Brain Injury

Learn how to provide more appropriate services and support to people with a brain injury.

Delivery Methods

Our training can be delivered in a number of ways to suit your team, budget and desired outcomes.




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Tailored to Your Organisation

Our brain injury training can be tailored to meet your organisation’s needs and is suitable for:

Health and Support Providers

Organisations & Government Departments

Employers and Employment Agencies

Schools and Education

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Want to know how our brain injury training can help your organisation? Get in touch today.

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* Sourced from Australian Bureau of Statistics data
** Results from independent SynapseConnect participant survey