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Facebook support groups can be a powerful way to feel both a sense of community and of being understood, from the comfort of your own home.

Our Synapse Reconnections – Carers Facebook group is moderated by Synapse staff with either lived experience or a wealth of knowledge about brain injury. There are regular Facebook live interviews on managing in the caring role, as well as online meetings. To protect your privacy, this is a closed Facebook group – which means that only members of the group can see what you have posted.

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Information and Support Sessions

As part of the program the Synapse team facilitated regular in-person information sessions which were live-streamed and posted online to allow anyone across Australia to watch from home. Sessions are delivered by researchers, allied health professionals and people with lived experience of the caring role.

These sessions were recorded and are available on our You Tube Channel.

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Synapse’s Brain Injury Forum

Our Community Forum is designed to engage with others with similar lived experience in a safe, supported and meaningful way. We have a separate Carers section of the forum and you are able to post anonymously if that is your preference. The forum is moderated to ensure that interaction is respectful.

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Information Hub

The Carers Section of our Brain Injury Information Hub has a raft of useful information and factsheets specifically designed for families and carers on topics such as managing behaviour, support and self-care for carers, and promoting your family’s wellbeing.

Relevant factsheets

Impact on Families

Impact of Brain Injury on Families and Carers

Caring for a person with a disability is one of the most difficult challenges that can confront a family especially for those providing direct care.

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Impact on Families

Self-Care for Carers and Family Members

Carers need to maintain their health and wellbeing to be in the best frame of mind to care for another individual.

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A Parents Guide

Balancing risk and independence for children with a brain injury

Growing up involves taking risks - this is normal as young people 'test the waters' and move towards independence and adulthood.

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Managing Behaviour

Understanding challenging and complex behaviours

Challenging and complex behaviours are common following a brain injury where there is damage to areas of the brain that control impulses and regulate emotions. 

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Explore More Community Support Options

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Peer Support

Our Reconnections program provides opportunities for people with a brain injury to socialise, share stories, learn new information to feel understood and supported.

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Synapse Brain Injury Forum

Brain Injury Forum

A space for you to discuss your experiences, share advice and have meaningful, safe conversations about brain injury with a community that understands.

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