6 Aug

Network event attracts brain injury specialists

Brain Injury Network WA

Brain injury professionals gathered recently for Synapse Western Australia’s inaugural network meeting to share knowledge and collaborate on improving the experiences of people impacted by brain injury.

On 27 July, Synapse WA held its inaugural Brain Injury Network event at the South Perth Civic Centre. The event attracted almost 60 professionals specialising in brain injury across various fields who gathered for a lively morning of networking, knowledge sharing and collaboration.

Among those in attendance were medical professionals, neurologists, specialists and allied health providers from more than eight WA hospitals and several rehabilitation units. In addition, representatives from the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Insurance Commission of WA and other research and community organisations attended the event.

Several activities were delivered that focused on exploring and identifying gaps in services and rehabilitation support from the time a person acquires a brain injury to six-to-12 months post-hospital discharge. In particular, the group investigated:

  • how to create a structured and coordinated forum for brain injury stakeholders to collaborate on improving the lives of people with a brain injury
  • the landscape of the rehabilitation supports and services available for a person with brain injury, their family members and carers
  • how to increase knowledge and understanding of the brain injury rehabilitation services available, their capacity, eligibility and referral processes; and
  • the gaps in someone’s knowledge of the types of services available as well as road blocks to accessing these services for people with a brain injury, their family members and carers.

Broadly, the activities identified services for people with brain injury in WA were disjointed, which highlighted the need for more collaborative approaches within the sector such as the Synapse Brain Injury Network event, the establishment of a brain injury Community of Practice and the delivery of other networking opportunities.

Attendees said their biggest takeaway from the event was the value of communication and collaboration between brain injury providers and the opportunity to network and learn about other health and brain injury professionals and service providers in the state.

Many attendees felt strongly that even with existing gaps in service provision, their shared intent, knowledge and experience had the capacity to identify and address these gaps and significantly improve the lives of people with a brain injury.

The Synapse team wants to thank everyone who participated and look forward to the next gathering of like-minded sector professionals at a targeted event that promotes the need for collaboration between service providers to ensure the best possible outcome for people impacted by brain injury