16 Nov

The Afternoon Shift – Tim Cudmore


If you missed Tim Cudmore’s Afternoon Shift talk on Brain Injury’s invisible disabilities on November 3rd, the recording is now available.

A big thank you to Tim for speaking to our members, no one wanted the talk to end because Tim is such an inspiring coach and counsellor.

One of Tim’s thought provoking messages “Action with intent. Everything you do needs to have focus and meaning. Be on a mission to do your best”.

If you have any questions about the talk please contact Tim


About Tim Cudmore

Tim Cudmore is a Lived-Experience Disability and Trauma Expert Consultant. Having lived with a TBI and SCI for over 23 years, Tim specialises in the translation and dissemination of living with long term disability and trauma. He brings a wealth of experience in consumer representation, research, and recovery mentoring. Tim is an active speaker, educator, and facilitator, as well as serving as a Starlight Ambassador and QDN Engage member.

As a counsellor, Tim is highly sought after for his unique perspective on surviving trauma and living with impairment. As both a participant and provider for the NDIS, Tim is passionate about helping other disabled Australians build their capacity for the real world.