9 Oct

Media release: Response to the Disability Royal Commissions Final Report

Synapse Australia claims issues outlined in the Disability Royal Commissions Final Report are well known to have existed in our systems and only make up part of the problem.

“While as an organisation Synapse supports some of the 222 recommendations made in the Disability Royal Commissions Final Report these issues of violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation against those living with a disability aren’t new,” said Adam Schickerling – Synapse’s National Director of Strategy & Engagement.

“Before and throughout the Royal Commission, Synapse has spoken up about issues with current service structures and systems and the detrimental impact this has had on both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people living with brain injury to date.”

“The reality is our systems (disability, justice and others) are discriminatory on various levels against both disability and race.”

“Indigenous people still make up most of our prison population, many of whom are living with an undiagnosed brain injury. After numerous Royal Commissions, we still aren’t seeing recidivism reducing. If we continue to be ignorant to culture or disability in our prison system, this won’t ever change.”

“Synapse is committed to seeing systems that continue to criminalise and disadvantage people impacted by disability and brain injury change as a result of this Disability Royal Commission.”

Synapse has contributed to the Disability Royal Commission by:

  • Gathering stories from the Torres Strait to ensure their voices were heard in the commission
  • Responding to the First Nations Issue Paper
  • Speaking about conditions in detention in the criminal justice system, disability service provision, the Guddi Way Screen & our Community Living Initiative in public hearings
  • Submitting research findings of the Assessing the Disability Needs of Indigenous Prisoners (ADNIP) Report
  • Submitting summaries of our Guddi Way Screen & Murri Court Guddi Pilot Project outcomes for consideration
  • Responding to questions on notice about the Guddi Way Screen.