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Everyone deserves control over of their life and to make choices that are important to them. Our team provides a range of specialist services for people who have a brain injury or disability, carers, family members and organisations.

Our Services

Contact us for information, referral, NDIS support coordination, advocacy, assessments, training, and housing and support services.

Research and Focus Areas

We contribute evidence and create tools to understand the impact of brain injury and connect people to speciality services and support.

Advocating to Protect Rights

Whether the issue is big or small, we provide advocacy services to individuals and influence policy and system change.

Information hub

Learn about the causes and effects of brain injury, hospital and rehabilitation and living with a brain injury.

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Stay Connected During COVID-19

In light of the current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation, we are taking measures across all aspects of Synapse to ensure we minimise risks to out community while continuing to connect you with the information, support and services you need.

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About Brain Injury

Brain injury has a profound and underestimated impact on society. It touches every demographic and culture, every age and occurs in every region.

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The term ‘brain injury’ refers to any type of brain disorder or neurological disruption which is acquired rather than developmental.

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Brain injury is often known as the ‘invisible disability’ because there may be no physical signs of injury.

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Some primary causes of brain injury include strokes, degenerative diseases such as dementia, trauma, FASD, epilepsy, and infections and diseases, including brain cancer.

Michael, Synapse Advocate Cairns Community Housing Initiative

Brain injury can have a profound impact on functioning that leads to an over-representation in systems including child protection, criminal justice, mental health and homelessness.

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Specialist support and services can create pathways to enable people impacted by brain injury to lead full and connected lives.

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With the right people around you and a positive mental attitude, you can exceed your own expectations surrounding your recovery.

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