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Information & Referral Services

Specialised information and advice to help you manage life with brain injury and navigate the systems of care and support.

Information & Referral
Synapse Brain Injury Forum


A space for you to discuss your experiences, share advice and have meaningful, safe conversations about brain injury with a community that understands.

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Individual Services

Information, advice and practical support from specialist brain injury services for you or someone you care for.

Support Services

Contact Synapse

Our team can help answer questions and start your journey from diagnosis through to recovery.


Synapse provides factsheets and information on many topics related to Brain Injury. The below factsheets may help you with your journey to understanding.

Recovery and Rehab

A good rehabilitation program is vital to optimise recovery following brain injury.

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Living with Brain Injury

Living with a brain injury can be an adjustment, both to the person with a brain injury and their family.

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Personal Stories

It is important to remember there is always support, hope and a community to lean on within the Synapse organisation. These personal stories are from real life Synapse clients who have used our services as a road to recovery. You can also chat to others in your position on our community forum.

Julian Saavedra
People with Brain Injury

Julian Saavedra

In 2010, Julian was in an accident that left him with a brain injury. Support from family and a positive outlook has driven his recovery.

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Nick Lonie looking to the right
People with Brain Injury

Nick Lonie

Nick Lonie is the former Chairman of Headwest. His brain injury occurred after he fell from the back of a moving ute.  

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