Jayden Alexanderson

Jayden is a member of our Brainbank panel. Jayden suffered a traumatic brain injury after a motorcycle accident. Following initial recovery, he recognised a need to discover new hobbies and social activities to stay active and connected despite his ‘new normal’ living with brain injury. Since then, Jayden has gone on to run a range of peer group activities for people with brain injury and is a proud father of two.



Connect with Jayden

About Jayden

My name is Jayden, I am 31 years old, and I currently live in Sydney with my wife and daughter.

My brain injury

I was in a motorcycle accident in 2017 which has left me with a brain injury and left side hemiplegia. My recovery was very intense as I hoped to gain full mobility again. I dedicated three years to re-educate myself both physically and mentally. Even though I didn’t regain all mobility and suffered from cognitive function I have taught myself how to work around my brain injury.

My mantra over those three years was “no problems, only solutions”

Living with a brain injury

Because of my left side hemiplegia and fatigue, challenges face me every day. On my brain injury journey, I was lucky to have had great support along the way, from my family, friends, and my rehab team. We have worked out ways to overcome some of the challenges I was facing around walking, eating, fatigue and driving just to name a few.

Understanding brain injury

I’ve learned that everyone’s brain injury is different, which means everyone’s rehab journey is different too. It’s okay to ask for help – recovery is not done alone.

Connecting with me

I am passionate about my family, being a hands-on dad, my work and helping others in a similar situation. I hope that the people I work with are able to move forward with the courage to try new things, and explore different options. Sometimes you just need someone who will listen and because I understand traumatic brain injury, I can be that person.

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