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Tailored services to help providers and organisations improve their understanding of brain injury.

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Synapse provides factsheets and information on many topics related to Brain Injury. The below factsheets may help you with your journey to understanding.

Effects of Brain Injury

The long term effects of brain injury are different for each person but can be addressed with proper management and support.

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Living with Brain Injury

Living with a brain injury can be an adjustment, both to the person with a brain injury and their family.

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Our team can help answer questions and start your journey from diagnosis through to recovery.

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Creating Real Change

We are passionate about creating change across Australia by developing an evidence base to connect knowledge, policy, services and systems that address complex issues surrounding brain injury.

Creating Real Change

Personal Stories

It is important to remember there is always support, hope and a community to lean on within the Synapse organisation. These personal stories are from real life Synapse clients who have used our services as a road to recovery. You can also chat to others in your position on our community forum.

Urs Birrer
People with Brain Injury

Urs Birrer

After a traumatic brain injury left him unable to continue working, Urs Birrer has begun an exciting new phase of his life and recovery, volunteering and inspiring others to do the same.

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