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Information & Referral Services

Specialised information and advice to help you manage life with brain injury and navigate the systems of care and support.

Information & Referral

Support Groups & Activities

Connect with people who understand brain injury and get practical information, advice and support while developing meaningful relationships.

Community Support

Contact Synapse

Our team can help answer questions and start your journey from diagnosis through to recovery.

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Individual Support Services

Information, advice and practical support from specialist brain injury services for you or someone you care for.

Support Services


Synapse provides factsheets and information on many topics related to Brain Injury. The below factsheets may help you with your journey to understanding.

Family and Carers

Caring for a family member with a brain injury can be challenging, and it is important to remember that carers also need support.

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In the Hospital

The time in the hospital can be an overwhelming experience, but there are things that you can do to minimise stress.

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Personal Stories

It is important to remember there is always support, hope and a community to lean on within the Synapse organisation. These personal stories are from real life Synapse clients who have used our services as a road to recovery. You can also chat to others in your position on our community forum.

David Trahair
People with Brain Injury

David Trahair

David Trahair has an acquired brain injury as a result of a fall at home.  David and his wife Nicki hold the Beans 4 Brains Fun Run annually. 

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Les Clarence
Family & Carers

Les Clarence

In 2011, Les Clarence’ fit and healthy 55-year-old wife Franziska suffered a stroke in her sleep.

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