Brain Injury Awareness Week

19 – 25 August 2024

Brain Injury Awareness Week is held annually to raise awareness of brain injury and its impact in Australia.

During the week, Synapse tells the stories of the one in 45 Australians living with a brain injury to celebrate their achievements and the commitment given to them by their families and the communities they live in.

Our 2023 theme

This year’s theme explores how although brain injury isn’t always seen, it’s a complex disability that affects how people think and feel as they recover and reintegrate into everyday life.

Brain injury is an invisible disability, as there is often no physical evidence of the injury. Despite not being seen, its impact is felt every day. After suffering a brain injury it’s common to act, feel and respond differently to situations as well as experience changes in your behaviour, personality and thinking. These changes can make it difficult to return to work, sport or activities you enjoyed before. It can also put pressure on your relationships with family, friends, co-workers and other people in your life – but Synapse is here to support, and we can help you navigate living with a brain injury.

#BIAW23 #MoreThan

How to get involved

  • Share your journey – Every brain injury is different, and we would love to hear your story about living with brain injury.
  • Get connecting on social media – Help raise awareness of brain injury. Get people taking about brain injury by posting our resources on social media with the hashtags #BIAW23 #MoreThan
  • Donate – Help us support those living with brain injury across Australia.
  • Attend an event – Keep an eye out for more information on upcoming events.

Shareable resources

Below are resources that you can download or print to share with your network. In doing so you’ll be helping raise important awareness of brain injury and it’s impact. Synapse deeply  appreciates all your support this Brain Injury Awareness Week!

Share your journey

Are you impacted by brain injury? We’d love to help you share your journey. To raise awareness of brain injury and its impact, Synapse works with individuals in our community to share their story.

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