Wurri-Wurri Outreach

Our Wurri-Wurri Outreach in Queensland’s Far North is all about respecting our Elders. Elders are important in keeping community and culture strong, while passing on knowledge across generations.  

Respecting our Elders

Together, in partnership with our Elders, we can keep them strong, both mentally and physically. We do this by listening to what’s important to our Elders in keeping them healthy as they get older. This includes what help they may need from mob or services. We know our Elders can have lots of stress looking after young ones or helping family with problems. This stress can sometimes make Elders feel isolated or not be able to share things that are worrying them with other Elders.

Sharing stories & culture

Wurri-Wurri Outreach travels across communities to help bring Elders and families together for a yarn. Elders run Wurri-Wurri Outreach in different communities around the Cairns region. We have a yarn and a feed while learning about what help may be needed or what information Elders want.

How it began

Wurri-Wurri Outreach began after Synapse was awarded funding to establish a Village Hub for Aboriginal and/or Torres Straits Islander Elders in Queensland’s Far North.

The Village Hubs model applies the World Health Organisation’s definition of active ageing by enabling people to realise their potential for physical, social, and mental wellbeing. Village Hubs across Australia provide a range of member-led social activities such as walking groups, social events and guest speakers.

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