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Individual Advocacy Service

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Individual Advocacy Service

Synapse's NSW office operates an individual advocacy service. Individual advocacy is when you ask someone else to speak on your own behalf.


Our highly qualified advocacy staff will "stand beside" a person with a Brain Disorder, including Brain Injury, to represent their point of view or assist them to express their views.


Our advocacy staff support people with Brain Disorders to make decisions that affect their lives and ensure their rights are upheld.


Synapse's advocacy service is funded by the Federal Government's Department of Social Services (DSS) and is available free of charge for NSW residents with a Brain Disorder as well as their families and carers.


The individual advocacy service covers all of NSW. Where support is required in regional NSW, Synapse may work in partnership with other advocacy services.

The individual advocacy service can help with the following:

  • Asking for more suitable services
  • Navigating services and systems
  • Supporting a person at important meetings
  • Helping you to make a complaint
  • Representing your needs to government agencies, service providers, hospitals etc


There are matters that the advocacy service can not help with such as;


  • Providing legal, medical or clinical advice
  • Providing advocacy for a person when a more appropriate service is available
  • Making decisions on the behalf of a person with a brain disorder


Synapse always strives to give the best possible support to people with Brain Disorders.. So, if we can't help you we will try to find someone who can.


Please contact the Synapse Options team for more information or to make a referral on 1800 673 074 or via our Contact Us Page.


If you are not happy with the advocacy service, please let us know. We welcome your input on how we can improve services to better meet your needs. Visit the Your Rights page for information on our Complaints Resolution Policy, or to download the Complaints Report Form.




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