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Stroke Support Services



In 2016 the Stroke Association of Queensland joined with Synapse.


Peer Support 


Through the Synapse Options service, we now have a valued stroke peer support service run by volunteers who are themselves stroke survivors.


Volunteers offer a 'lived experience' perspective to those who have suffered from stroke, their families and friends. Volunteers provide information on services that have worked for them, details about stroke support groups that regularly meet and the invaluable peer support reminding stroke survivors, they are not alone.


If you or someone you know would like to talk with our volunteer stroke peer support service, please call 1800 673 074 or email


Stroke Information


Alongside the peer support service, the Synapse stroke volunteers have created an information handout which consists of information specifically related to stroke, from prevention of further strokes to hints and tips of living with the effects of stroke. These are provided free of charge to stroke survivors, their families and friends.


If you or someone you know would like a copy of this handout, please phone Synapse on 1800 673 074 or email


Further information related to stroke


Stroke Fact Sheet



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