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Stroke Support Services



In 2016 the Stroke Association of Queensland merged with Synapse--Australia's Brain Injury Organisation. Synapse continues the Stroke Association of Queensland's legacy by providing, information and support for people how have had a stroke and their carers.


Peer Support 


Synapse NSW Reconnections program provides peer support, group meetings, presentations and networking opportunities for people impacted by brain injury, including people who have had a stroke. Visit our Reconnections page to find out more. 


Family Liaison Service


Synapse provides direct support to families and carers of those impacted by brain injury and stroke through our team of Family Liaison Officers. Having their own lived experience with brain injury, Synapse Family Liaison Officers understand the complexities faced by family members and carers.


Family Liaison Officers can provide emotional and practical support to family members and carers, guiding them through the challenges of navigating the hospital experience and transitioning from hospital to home. 


Stroke Information


Synapse provides information about Stroke including fact sheets and the ABI: The Facts publication.





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