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Lawnton Transitional Accommodation


Lawnton Transitional Accommodation

Synapse's Transitional Accommodation Unit has a foundation of Positive Behaviour Support that actively reduces and mediates challenging behaviours - enabling individuals increased access to their community.

Synapse's Transitional Accommodation at Lawnton was built based on an identified need for specialised support for individuals with complex and challenging behaviours. Using Applied Behaviour Analysis techniques and the Positive Behaviour Support Model - each individual is assessed and Behaviour Plans are written accordingly.

These plans are followed by each and every staff member at the Unit to ensure uniformity of response, and consequently rapid reduction in complex and challenging behaviours. This is important as it is often these behaviours that can cause harm to the individuals themselves, and limit their access to the community.

The Lawnton Unit houses eight individuals with a range of disabilities including  Acquired Brain Injury, Neurodegenerative Diseases and other Mental Health issues. The initial, more intensive, support is provided in the four units at the rear, which are each independent with wheelchair access. Each unit is positioned around a central training/rehabilitation area, which provides 24-hour support and programs that concentrate on maximizing each client's function level and social integration.

Following this intensive support, clients can move to the units at the front which are more independent whilst still having access to the hub at the rear if required. This is a graduated return to minimum supported accommodation to empower clients in their new-found abilities.


The construction of the unit was funded by Synapse, as we saw the need for a Transitional Unit such as this. Once built, Disability and Community Care were able to fund the support hours for people who would transition through the units.


This one facility, with eight beds, is far from meeting the needs of the community, however. With more support, and more funding, Synapse is hoping to build on this model, and play an even bigger role in reconnecting lives.

Building Lawnton

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